New Computers & Devices

Yes! We supply new computers and devices! Better yet, we come install and set them up so you can use ...
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Repairs, parts, upgrades and service

We supply affordable computers, PCs, parts, upgrades and perform all repairs on your equipment ...
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Backup, redundancy, fail-over systems, data integrity

Cloud-based and on-premise backup systems for live-failover options to keep your employees working and your systems available ...
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Malware & Crypto Defense

InfoGlobe offers Malware & Crypto-Virus defense systems to keep your servers and your data safe, even if you are using ...
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Sometimes a cloud solution isn’t completely suitable, so we’re ready to assist with your on-premise server needs. We service what we sell! We can repair your server, upgrade it and much more.

Our backup system lets you INSTANTLY restore your server to ANY point in time you’ve ever run it. It’s the closest thing you’ll ever see to a time machine (for your server and your data)! Really helpful when an emergency or crypto-attack strikes.