Outdoor WiFi Coverage

Internet and network access in the great outdoors! We supply and service exterior pole and building mounted WiFi equipment to ...
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Long-Distance Wireless

Up to 30km! We work on radio towers to supply and install long-distance link/backhaul equipment and services ...
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Indoor WiFi/Wireless

Much better than a consumer device in the corner of your office, we supply, install and service ceiling-mount access points ...
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Guest WiFi Networks

Give customers and arms-length people Internet access without compromising your security nor allowing any one guest to degrade/abuse your Internet ...
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Building to Building Links

We link buildings and sites with wireless links. Anywhere from a few hundred feet to 30km away - we supply, ...
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Staying connected matters.  Take advantage of our WiFi & Wireless expertise.  Seamlessly roam around inside and outside your building, remaining connected the entire time with the latest technologies including Wifi 6 and 5G.

We can’t count the number of buildings we’ve outfitted with complete wall-to-wall WiFi coverage that starts working the moment you pull in off the road!

Have a challenging distance, external building or remote office you’d like to connect?  Our point-to-point solutions easily connect those sites and can run phones, computers, devices and more as if they were in your main building.

VLANS, WiFi networks, virtual SSIDs, QoS, gust networks, restricted access, RADIUS authentication, and roaming are all areas we have expertise in.